Leading the way

with heat pump technology

Our brief for this stunning Jack’s Point home was clear; the heating system needed to seamlessly meld into the home design in both aesthetics and operation, while retaining a high level of efficiency for both underfloor heating and domestic hot water.

The solution

The home is spacious, with underfloor heating throughout and four bathrooms utilising on-demand hot water, so the heat source is sized accordingly. The system includes 2 x Stiebel Eltron 16kw Internal Heat Pumps, connected to a 700L buffer tank and 500L domestic hot water system.

The key to subtlety

Understandably, our client wanted to keep visual and sound impact to a minimum. This was made possible by the product specified; Stiebel Eltron provide highly specified, quality heat pumps that are extremely quiet to run. The heat pumps are installed in a basement below the house with direct ducting and extraction to the outside.

How it works

Underfloor heating: The 700L buffer tank is heated to 40°c for the underfloor heating. Using a large buffer tank increases system efficiency by minimising the running time of the heat pumps i.e. the heat pumps run long enough to heat the tank, then run cold during the day when the air temperature is warmer.

Domestic hot water: The 500L hot water cylinder is heated directly by the heat pumps to 60°c. A large cylinder was chosen to accommodate hot water usage and the heat pump always heats domestic hot water as the priority. There’s also a 6kw electric element in the cylinder if back up is required, so no risk of a cold shower!

Here’s the plant room:

System control

We like to keep heating control simple and user-friendly with the additional benefit of controlling remotely. We installed Heatmiser Neostats into each room, connected to the wifi via a Neohub unit, allowing each room to be controlled individually via the NeoApp smartphone app. Whether our client wants to adjust room temperature or set on/off times, all the operation can be done on a smartphone prior to arrival – smart technology to maximise comfort.

Monitoring technology

This system showcases advanced heating technology from a monitoring aspect. The system is connected to an internet based ISG Gateway controller, allowing our heating technicians to monitor system efficiency and make subtle adjustments to the operation, without needing to attend site. This new, improved technology allows us to provide our client with a personalised service and reduces the need for costly call-outs.

Want to learn more?

If you’d like to know more about the heating systems we install, please don’t hesitate to get in touch – we pride ourselves on delivering high end, efficient systems that meet the specific needs of architectural builds in the Queenstown-Lakes area.