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Our preferred supplier of central heating products including air-to-water heat pumps, hot water cylinders and MVHR technology.



Comprehensive, non-biased NZ website on solar PV options, with excellent information on buy back rates, pro’s and con’s, system sizes and how solar PV works. Excellent resource for anyone considering installing solar PV.



Our supplier of solar products.



Our preferred plumbing merchant.


One of our suppliers of central heating products including boilers, radiators and underfloor heating. Useful, detailed information on central heating available on their FAQ pages, or below ‘Comfortplus’ brochure. Supplier of high end bathroom tapware.



“The Authority on Sustainable Building’. BRANZ website covering all aspects of renewable building design, including heating, water usage and solar options.



A clearly documented build of a house design aiming to be zero net energy in Auckland, NZ. Highly detailed research and results.



Sign up with Ecotricity, our recommended energy provider for solar connections. Excellent customer service and market rates.



Messana radiant cooling and heating systems, concealed in the ceiling, provide an environment of unique thermal comfort and health.

Solar Collector Panels

Suitable for domestic hot water supply as a source of water heating with backup required (supply will fluctuate depending on sunlight hours). Also suitable to supplement an underfloor heating system – solar water heating can reduce the running costs of the primary heat source e.g. Air-Water Heat Pump or Gas.

Advantages include:

  • Environmentally friendly water heating.
  • Very low cost to run – only power cost to pump water through the system.
  • Solar water heating is more efficient per sq/m than solar power.


Hybrid Solar Panels

Hybrid panels are designed to generate power and hot water at the same time. All solar panels work most efficiently when kept at a low temperature. Hybrid panels have been designed to take advantage of this, serving a dual purpose. The system works by passing cool water through the pipework, keeping the panels cool (therefore working at optimum efficiency) while also heating the water which can then be used for low-temperature applications such as ground source or swimming pool heating.


  • Most efficient of all solar panels – up to 83% efficiency compared to standard solar PV of 17-18%,
  • Can generate power and produce hot water at the same time.
  • Saves on roof space by installing one system rather than two.


Our supplier of solar products.


Rotex Sanicube

An advanced water heater and water storage unit combined, the Rotex stores 500L of water. Set up can be customised allowing for integrated heating and energy solutions.

Most suitable for low-temperature applications (e.g. underfloor or swimming pool heating) due to a large amount of cool water required to pass through the panels to keep them at a low temperature and therefore optimum efficiency. Also suitable as a combined PV and water heating system when roof size limited, although this is a more costly option for domestic hot water supply than installing two systems. Works partially when combined with ground source heating.

Swimming Pool Heating

A pool pump moves water from the pool through the solar collectors, the water is heated as it moves through the top header pipe and is then returned to the pool. Suitable for any swimming pool as the system can be configured according to size. The target temperature is 28°c for an extended season of 4-6 months, depending on the weather.

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