Heating & cooling comfort

Let’s create comfort through consistent temperatures (and costs) all year round.

With Optum, you’ll get a system that delivers comfort to your home for the long term. We partner with the best innovators in our industry to ensure the heating and ventilation systems we install are as smart, simple, and streamlined as possible.

For consistency and comfort, choose the best in modern heating and ventilation technology.

Heating & cooling at a glance

  • Water heating: constant hot water without constant costs.
  • Radiators: zoned heating with optimal control.
  • Underfloor heating: regular temperatures across the whole slab of your home.
  • Ambient heating: radiant heat from your ceiling, the ultimate luxury.
  • Wood & gas fires: cost-effective for small-medium areas.
  • Air conditioning: an air-based system like a high wall unit or forced air from vents in the ceiling or walls.
  • Ambient cooling: water-based system, where a heat pump cools the warmer water from underfloor or ceiling pipework over time, extracting the hear from the room and returning cooler or chilled water back to the floor or ceiling.
  • Home ventilation: home ventilation is essential to control condensation, purify indoor air and create a drier healthier home.