Harness the sun's energy with solar

Central Otago, Wanaka and Queenstown all have the most beautiful bright sunny days. The weather in our region is perfect for harnessing the energy from the sun and turning it into power or home heating. Solar solutions are smarter, cheaper and build value in your home.

We work with Sunz Energy technology to design and install your solar system. We aim to provide your energy requirements, lower your carbon footprint and give you better savings in the short term and better return in the long run.

​Benefits of solar

Energy savings

You can save on the power bill by installing an efficient and effective solar energy system. Your savings start immediately protecting you from rising electricity costs. A Sunz system can supply up to 90% of your hot water and we estimate your bill can be reduced by about 35%. Depending on the size of your home you could have the system paid off within 6 years.

Long-term value

Installing a solar system is a smart way to invest in your own home. Low energy homes are becoming more popular as government schemes come in to play and people are looking for alternate solutions to living independent of power systems.

How solar works

The most simple and cost-effective type of solar system is a grid connected, or grid-tied, solar panel system. You may have seen them on roofs. They are made up of two main components, the solar panel and the inverter.

Solar panels take sunlight and convert it into DC electricity; the inverter turns DC electricity into AC electricity you can use. A grid connector system will export excess power to the grid in the day, then at night (when the panels are not producing power) energy will draw back from the grid. Check out this little video to get the idea:

Quality systems, design, install, save

We work with Sunz Energy to provide quality systems; they were ranked as one of the top two performing units in an independent performance report for the EECA grant scheme!

We have a particular interest in solar energy here at Optum; we have qualified solar specialists who look after installation right through to connection. We custom design a plan to suit your energy needs. We install only the leading technology and we will assist with the required paperwork and inspections to get your system up and running and set for life.

So if you want to make the most of summer, chat to us about solar solutions today. They are smarter, better for the environment, save you money and add value to your home.

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