Camp Glenorchy Project

a “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for most companies”

Described as “An exemplar application of technology to achieve zero energy”, Camp Glenorchy Eco Retreat is a true living marvel, and we say “living” for a reason. The camp is New Zealand’s first Net Zero Energy accommodation and is designed to the Living Building Principles challenge. The winner of multiple, prestigious awards such as Time Magazine’s “The World’s Greatest Places of 2019” and New Zealand Tourism Industry Aotearoa’s “Sustainability Innovation Award 2019”, Camp Glenorchy is a testament to the innovative spirit of all who played a part in bringing the project to life.

Optum Plumbing and Energy Solutions was engaged to install all plumbing, drainlaying heating and solar work for Camp Glenorchy. In accordance with the Living Building Challenge – one of the most challenging certifications to achieve in the area of environmental building design – the goal for Camp Glenorchy was to use 50% less water and 50% less energy than standard accommodation facilities worldwide. The plumbing requirements were highly specialised, and Optum Plumbing carried out the enormous task of installing all plumbing, drainage, solar and heating for the campsite, the outstanding result of their efforts earned them the 2018 Project of the Year award at the New Zealand Plumbing Awards.

Optum was chosen to implement designer, Steve Jarvis, of HDS,’ meticulous design and vision for the infrastructure. Being leaders in sustainable energy solutions in the region, Optum had a high level of experience with the renewable systems involved. The project required a working-knowledge of a wide variety of systems including solar hot water, ground-source heating, wastewater, photovoltaic solar, rain water-harvesting and water treatment and filtration. The Optum team is extremely proud of the role they played in the establishment of this world-renowned campsite.

Optum’s contribution was a keystone of the project success, and a shining example of the capabilities and resourceful attitude of the company. The project stands as one of the most exciting and compelling case-study’s a plumbing and energy company could ever demonstrate.