Solutions to suit

Whether you’re designing a home and need ideas for heating and ventilation, or trying to understand the best options to retrofit, we can help.

Designing, installing, and maintaining premium heating, ventilation and plumbing solutions for discerning clients since 2003.

Our team takes the time to understand how you want to live.

We think about everything from the way a room is heated or cooled, to the ongoing savings in time and dollars, by designing systems that work together.

Designed for Comfort

We work with forward-thinking architects and designers to integrate ventilation and heating solutions early in the design process.

We can problem-solve issues such as visibility of systems, managed heating and cooling, hidden pipework and more – saving time, costs, and optimising design solutions throughout the process.

Designed For Your Future.

With Optum, you get a system designed for today, tomorrow, and well into the future.

Whether it’s solar, air quality, central heating (& cooling), rainwater harvesting or smart integrated systems, we can help.

Talk to our team about ways to seamlessly integrate year-round comfort into your new build or retrofit into your existing home.

Solar Energy

PV solar panels provide your household electricity. Hot water panels can connect to a hot water cylinder, pool or heating system.

Air Quality

Install of an MVHR system, providing constant fresh air and heat recovery within the home.

Central Heating System

An energy efficient heating system powered by solar PV or a clean-burning woodfire with wetback. Water based central heating

Rainwater Harvesting

Installation of water tanks to store collected rainwater from your roof for either potable or irrigation purposes.

Wastewater Treatment

Install of a septic system to dispose of waste while producing treated water suitable for irrigation.

Greywater Harvesting

Installation of a greywater system to re-use water for irrigation, or a system which treats water for domestic purposes e.g. toilet flushing.

Retrofit or Renovate

Changing from older systems, such as gas boilers, to modern solutions like air-to-water heat pumps, installing radiators for controlled warmth, or an air transfer system is easier with Optum. Our team can keep your house warmer, drier and more comfortable year round.

Light Commercial

Smart systems can keep your commercial premises warmer, drier, and better ventilated. In doing so, you’ll add substantial value to those who live, work, or stay there.

We partner with your design and construction teams to optimise costs and time, while delivering considered, quality systems for your plumbing, heating, and ventilation needs.