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Smart heating, plumbing and energy design for modern living

Design and Consultancy

Optum provides a consultancy service to architects and designers. Whether it’s a casual catch-up over some concept plans, large-scale proposals or providing detailed consent design drawings, we are always interested in discussing new projects. We have the capability to install integrated systems, incorporating heating, plumbing and energy. These systems require specific, technical design, which is where we have the expertise to help.

We have strong working relationships with manufacturers and suppliers, who provide specialist technical design support if required. Our aim to stay at the forefront of a fast and constantly developing industry and we have access to a number of experts in a variety of fields.

Our consultancy service includes:

MEETINGS: Attend design and site meetings with architects or directly with clients
CALCULATIONS: Heating and energy output calculations
DRAWINGS: System design drawings and schematics
CONSENT: Guidance for council consent requirements and review of submission documents
PROPOSALS: Present unbiased design options with advantages and disadvantages.

The Optum team have highly technical skills in sustainable design, new residential builds or renovations, eco-focused design, and heating and water solutions.

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Kevin Henderson


Sustainable Design

Our passion for sustainability extends to our product sourcing and system designs. If you’re interested in reducing your environmental impact, we can provide ‘whole house’ integrated solutions, incorporating all aspects of plumbing, heating and energy. It’s not just for new builds – these products can often be retrofitted and can be used individually or in conjunction with a range of traditional and contemporary systems depending on your requirements.

In our mission to help you achieve “better living by design” we source premium quality products and parts to ensure you’re not hassled by breakdowns or noise and minimise environmental impact.

Sustainability factors to consider in your design include building materials, insulation, thermal mass, ventilation, appliances and fixtures/fittings, many architects and designers are now specialising in passive, low environmental impact house designs, your biggest performance gains can be made at the conceptual stage.

For example the use of energy efficient products or increasing the insulation value of your home will reduce the amount of energy you require. A thermal store will optimise energy sources, and control supply as required. Integrated energy efficient solutions will reduce your energy bill by 20 to 30%.

Level and Zero Energy House are two excellent detailed resources when researching sustainable building design in NZ.

We’re a multi award winning firm, who specialise in the renewable energy field, using next generation technology to set the standard for sustainable system design. We have listened to our clients to create a company that can take care of ‘the total package’ because we understand you value the impact we all have on our environment.

Solar Hot water will provide hot water only for your home. This could be for the hot water cylinder, central heating, spa or a swimming pool

PV solar (Photovoltaic electric panels) provide electricity generation to be used in the home for appliances and hot water

MVHR (Mechanical ventilation & heat recovery) provides the air quality in a home keeping the air filtered and fresh by taking fresh air from the outside, and pre heating the fresh air with the air removed from the building

Water filtration- We like to think our water is clean, but this is not always the case. It pays to have the water tested independently and set up the filtration according to the testing. In rural properties with water tanks, an ultra-violet lamp is used to kill off any possible “bugs” in the water. Filtration can remove taste issues, chlorine and other issues. A water softener can also be fitted to areas with “hard” water with limescale build up

Central heating- An energy heating system can be set up and integrated to use solar, solar PV, a clean burning wood fire and wetback/boiler, high efficiency renewable air to water heat pumps or ground source geothermal heating

Wastewater treatment- A Biolytix waste system that uses worms to treat the black and grey water in the same tank and then reuse the treated water for irrigation

Greywater harvesting- Installation of a greywater system to treat and utilise the grey water from the household and reuse for irrigation or can be reused for toilet flushing

Rainwater harvesting- Installation of water tanks to store collected rainwater from your roof for either potable or irrigation purposes.

Sustainable Design

It doesn’t need to be complicated; we’re here to help you. Contact us to discuss your options.

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The design and consultation process was detailed and easily understood and Kevin from Optum expertly outlined the benefits and downfalls of various systems.
Optum can advise on old-school plumbing practices, or offer innovative ideas and advice, so that we can best support our clients to build their dream home.