Design and

The best results come from well laid plans. Creating integrated heating, plumbing and energy systems is what we do best.

Concept to Completion

From concept to detailed consent design drawings, we are always interested in discussing new projects. We have the capability to install integrated systems, incorporating heating, plumbing and energy. These systems require specific, technical design, which is where we have the expertise to help.

Design Advice

Getting the right result means planning for the outcomes you want. Our design practice will ensure your build is optimised for heating, energy use and plumbed to perfection. Kevin Henderson is our lead consultant, with over 30 years experience and hundreds of projects under his belt. He knows what it takes to get the best results for you and your client.

Case study

Camp Glenorchy

Described as “An exemplar application of technology to achieve zero energy”, Camp Glenorchy Eco Retreat is a true living marvel, and we say “living” for a reason. The camp is New Zealand’s first Net Zero Energy accommodation and is designed to the Living Building Principles challenge.

  • Heating Type: solar, ground-source
  • Heat Source: solar hot water, ground-source heating, photovoltaic solar
  • Other: Rain water-harvesting and water treatment and filtration

Sustainable Design

Get the performance gains and reduce environmental impact by designing in ‘whole house’ integrated solutions. It’s not just for new builds – these products can often be retrofitted.

Solar Electricity

PV solar panels provide your household electricity, this can be connected to your hot water via a solar coil.

Air Quality

Install of an MVHR system, providing constant fresh air and heat recovery within the home.

Central Heating System

An energy efficient heating system powered by solar PA or a clean-burning woodfire with wetback. Water based central heating

Rainwater Harvesting

Installation of water tanks to store collected rainwater from yuor roof for either potable or irrigation purposes.

Wastewater Treatment

Install of a septic system to dispose of waste while producing treated water suitable for irrigation.

Greywater Harvesting

Installation of a greywater system to re-use water for irrigation, or a system which treats water for domestic purposes e.g. toilet flushing.