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Water Quality

Water testing and systems for filtration for clean, quality water.

Water quality is fundamental to a happy, healthy lifestyle.

Not all water is the same, there can be taste issues, hardness, chlorine, soil contamination and other metals from the ground. Organising a simple water test to check the quality of your water will find the best solution for an appropriate water treatment plan, including water softeners or UV filtration systems to look after your health at the source.

Wanaka and Queenstown’s water supply contains high level of algae. Water filtration can be as simple as a cost-effective disc filtration system to a high-quality UV filtration unit. Water quality and filtration is not only fundamental to our health and wellbeing, but when treated correctly at source you can also save on the costly repairs for plumbing fixtures and tapware.

Download Queenstown Lakes District Council recommendations on water filtration – MANAGING ALGAE IN WATER SUPPLY (QLDC) PDF


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