New efficient radiant heating system

The new Messana Active Panel provides a new option to heat a home from the ceiling or walls within the home. The active panel provides heating or cooling within the home using radiant heat (like underfloor heating in a concrete floor). An air to water or ground source heat pump can provide the heating or cooling source at low temperatures for a high efficiency system.

What are the benefits?

There are a number of advantages to installing the Messana Active Panel system for heating and cooling.

Quality radiant heat

  • Provides a radiator type of heating due to the quicker heat response time by not having to heat the whole concrete slab and using a lot of energy to get up to temperature
  • Radiant heating or cooling can still add warmth to a concrete or tile floor

Simple, efficient and flexible

  • Allows the use of one heat pump to do all heating and cooling. One system does it all from one trade with less servicing
  • The ceiling can still be zoned and controlled similar to an underfloor heating system for different rooms and different temperatures
  • Easier to control in our Central Otago climate where there can be low temperatures outside in the morning but as soon as the sun comes out, the rooms can get hot and uncomfortable due to the floor still being warm with underfloor heating. Similarly in the summer it can be used to cool down to low temperatures when it gets too hot (with no fan noise and draughty air blowing into the room)
  • Provides “active cooling” to cool rooms to similar low temperatures to the typical air conditioning system, but without the draught or air and the fan noise
  • The panels have an “R value” of 1 to add to the thermal efficiency of the home
  • Running costs are low due to using a low temperature heat source air to water heat pump or ground source heat pump

Easy installation, minimal use of space

  • Always accessible from a wall or a ceiling, unlike underfloor heating pipework in a concrete slab
  • The panels can be installed in walls to act like radiators but without giving up wall space
  • It can be retrofitted into homes with minimal repairs (if any)
  • The panels are hidden behind the gib board and have no visual impact on the rooms

The many benefits of the Messana Active Panel system align with our values here at Optum. We believe in creating a home environment that comes with comfort and health for the family, throughout the whole home, not just one room.

Tried and tested

Messana Active Panels have been tried and tested in Europe for over 30 years and 7 years in California, which has the heat, cold and high humidity to test any heating system. It is good to know we will not be the guinea pigs and testing ground for a new system and that there is great support in the background from both the supplier, Waterware, and Messana themselves.

The Active Panel provides comfort and health by providing the optimum temperature much quicker than underfloor heating and can also provide silent and draught free cooling with minimal impact on our local environment.

Other considerations when deciding on a heating or cooling system

How many times have you been awake at night because it was too hot to sleep, or the conventional heat pump was too noisy, or it is too windy to open the window and the room got really stuffy?

How would it feel if the room was at the optimal temperature to get the best sleep and wake up feeling great?

Everyone tells me that they don’t like a bedroom too hot, but I would rather get out of bed in 16-18 degrees than 5 degrees any day of the week! Or have the room at 16 degrees in the summer and wake up feeling good after a full night’s sleep.

How about the health of the family living in the comfortable temperature all year round? No dust being blown around by the conventional heat pumps, no cold and damp rooms in winter, fewer visits to the doctor with colds and flu.

How about the running costs with low temperature heating providing a highly efficient system?

How good would it be to adjust the temperature of your room or other rooms without getting out of bed, simply by doing it on your smartphone?

Here to help

At Optum we have a team with lots of knowledge to help and advise on what’s possible. If we can help with any further information on the Messana Active Panel or any other type of heating, please get in touch. There is no obligation and we are happy to help you live in the comfortable and healthy home you deserve.