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Heating Maintenance

Your heating system requires regular maintenance to run well.

Just like your car, your heating system requires regular maintenance to run well. We recommend booking an annual service by one of our heating technicians, particularly if the system has had limited use over the summer months.

Post-installation, Optum provides you with a customised manual explaining your system set-up, followed by a heating walk-through to demonstrate the system’s operation in person. Your system and maintenance history will be recorded in Optum’s maintenance database, so you’ll receive a reminder notice when the next service is due.

Why book a regular service?

Efficiency: The system needs to have specific maintenance work done and settings checked on a regular basis to ensure it is working at optimum efficiency and you aren’t spending more on fuel then you should be.

Fault Fixing: Regular maintenance can discover or prevent faults before they occur. Although we aim to book heating faults as a priority, sometimes a heating technician is not immediately available. Fixing faults early on lessens the chance of unexpectedly being left without heating in the middle of winter!

Support: The technician will be able to provide answers to any questions you may have on your system set up or operation.

Warranty: Manufacturers often require the system to have documented servicing by a registered technician in order to uphold product warranty.

What maintenance can I do myself?

Certain maintenance can be taken care of by the property owner, using the appliance manual and guidance from our technician. Note that a regular service by a qualified technician is still required.

Re-fuelling: The owner organises re-fuelling of diesel or gas if required. We can point you in the right direction of a supplier.

Topping Up: The natural process of evaporation means the system will need topping up with water on occasion; this is a simple task that can easily be done by the owner.

Monitor Performance: Let us know as soon as possible if something isn’t working as it should, so we can prioritise the work before winter. Confirm your annual service as soon as possible after you receive your reminder.

What's involved in a service?

Services are charged at Optum’s current hourly rate, plus materials.